20TEN Over and Out.

by Caton McKenna

As a forthcoming new year’s resolution is keeping a daily blog, I decided to get a head start by reviewing the TOP 20TEN HIGHLIGHTS.

So, sit back, grab a peppermint and latte and oreo cookie *because really is there any other proper way to read a blog?* and reminisce with me.

1. I begin the new year teaching a new subject area: Ecology, in addition to Biology (January)
2. Teacher Spring Break to Peru with my dear friend Gina. First trip to South America! (March)
3. The best purchase I have ever made: Eleanor Roosevelt! (my puuppppp!) (April)
4. I watch several of my students cross the stage at the Pearl-Cohn graduation ceremony. (May)
5. The “Last Hoorah: Tour of the Bible Belt: Epic Jenna and Caton roadtrip!”
6. My little sister Betsey begins her freshman year at Cornell (way to follow in your big sister’s footsteps 🙂
7. I accept the position to be a Pearl-Cohn team lead and Teach for America Nashville Science team leader.
8. I take my first ZUMBA class, which revolutionizes my workout routine (September)
9.My best friend Jenna’s beautiful baby Aubrey is born! (November 24th)
10. Kerri comes to visit me in Nashville!! (and keeps me company on the 12 hour drive back to NY). (December)

What a great year!

A sneak peak of what’s in store for 2011: LAW SCHOOL?? Washington D.C….some international trip? AMAZING RACE??