Pro Tip: Cosmo Style

by Caton McKenna

Ladies….do you hate what your man wears, his sense of “style” or lack thereof? I have the PERFECT solution to your problem.

Steal his clothes.

You can do this in a couple different ways:

a.) Simply begin to take the clothes you don’t like *be stealthy, but even if you aren’t, he probably won’t notice.

Especially if he’s like this guy.

b.) And my PERSONAL FAVORITE…stroke his ego…then take the shirt.

Suggestions to accomplish this feat:

1. Baby, that shirt looks so good on you, but it would look better in the trash on the floor  *wink* then take the shirt off him

and throw it out or….if you’re feeling extra mean, you can donate it to the goodwill (where he probably got in the first place) for another poor soul.

2. Honey, I’m cold, can I borrow that horrendous orange bulky hoodie?

never to be returned.

3. Wear his “Salvation Army Score” t-shirt to bed with sexy underwear. You’ll stroke his “she looks good in my shirt” ego, and he’ll have such a good night he’ll forget to ask for it back in the morning.

Eventually, his pineapple golf shirt, Clay Aiken tee and nursing home plaid ensemble will be gone forever. Your guy won’t even notice, believe me. AND you’ll be so much happier!

Then….take him on a shopping spree to replenish those “weird disappearing” pieces.

“Honey…Have you seen my *insert clothing article?”

“No baby, but I’m really going to miss it because it looked SO GOOD ON YOU!!! Weird.”

Be sure to drop the usual dripping sarcasm for best results.

Disclaimer: The subject of these photographs is in no way related to the content of this post.