True Life: Sock Confessions

by Caton McKenna


I must confess, I am a bona fide bargain shopper.

You should also know, that I HATE MATCHING SOCKS. With a passion. It takes so long, and I’d rather just grab a couple socks in the morning and hope they match.

(To give you a picture of my aversion to matching: I currently have around 30 unmatched socks in the bottom of my hamper…clean, mind you, that I am just too lazy to take out and match.)

These two lovely personality traits combine to create a compulsive bargain sock buyer.

Anytime I see socks on sale, I must buy them.

One day, while perusing my ALL-TIME FAVORITE STORE ROSS, I came across a bin of Puma socks ON SALE.

I grabbed a pack of size 8-9 and happily made my purchase (along with 4 shirts, a pair of shoes and jeans…all on sale!!!)

When I arrived home, I opened my new socks to find that they were very tiny.


But, when I found out they were size 8-9 do you think I returned them or gave them away like a sensible girl?


I have been cramming my size 8-adult foot into size 8-kid socks for months now.

Here’s my reasoning:

1. I thought these socks would eventually get lost on the island of mismatched socks (aka my hamper). Read: Island of misfit toys.

2. I want to get my money’s worth.

3. They’re pretty adorable, and I get a sense of weird pride that I can squeeze my feet into them.

Anyways, they socks WILL NOT DISAPPEAR.

I constantly find myself wearing them.

And it is so frustrating and uncomfortable to find my socks halfway down my foot in the middle of the day.

Frustrating enough to change my silly ways?

Probably not.