Cost Benefit Analysis of Eleanor Roosevelt…

by Caton McKenna

I have the most adorable puppy in the world. Her name is Eleanor Roosevelt. I named her this (for those of you who don’t know) because I find it hilarious to yell at Eleanor Roosevelt not to pee on the floor, go through the trash, and other dog-like behavior that when paired with one of my respected childhood heroes makes me just giggle.

Eleanor Roosevelt stop licking yourself in public.

Elly is the sweetest dog in the world. She likes to sleep right next to you (sometimes on top of you), play fetch (although she doesn’t quite grasp the concept of bringing it back), and she is an excellent listener (she never talks back).

But recently….she has done a few things that are not so nice:

1. Chew through my TomTom power cord= $28

2 Chew through my Nokia camera power cord= $42

3. Occasionally pee/poop on the floor (it’s too cold outside!…her voice)= $10 pet stain remover

4. She has stolen several of my socks (or I blame her for my missing ones)

5. She has ripped through my loafers (although that’s probably a benefit because they were very ugly)

6. Tears up any paper or tissue within a 100 foot radius of her like a professional paper shredder

7. Plays king of the mountain on my body when I’m trying to nap

8. Takes all my dirty laundry out of my hamper and spreads it all over the room (I put it in the hamper, I promise!)

Anyways…there’s not really a point to this blog except to say that I love Elly, but sometimes she makes me mad.

But how can you be mad for long with a face like this?