I’m a bad mom…but a great teacher

by Caton McKenna

Outside of our house we have several pricker bushes, or sticker bushes.

Everytime Elly goes outside, she heads for the pricker bushes without fail and ends up with tiny little prickers all over her hair.

It’s SO ANNOYING to have to pick them all out.

Recently, I started teaching about adaptations in Ecology. Whenever we get back to school after this ridiculous snow hiatus, I will start teaching plant adaptations.

The pricker bush is a perfect example of a well-adapted plant at seed dispersal. Unfortunately, this adaptation is especially inconvenient for me…and most of those seeds end in the trash.

However, I wanted to get a picture of sweet Elly after getting all the prickers all over her to show my class.

Now that I wanted Elly to get stuck in the pricker bushes, she of course avoided them like the plague.

I finally had to pick her up and plop her right down int he middle of the pricker bush. She got caught and started squirming around, but guess what….I GOT THE PICTURE!

The whole time I was thinking, I’m a terrible puppy mama.

But, a great teacher.