Summertime Resolutions

by Caton McKenna

Hi All!

After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to resume annoying the blogosphere with my trite entries. I know people have been just peeing their pants in anticipation of my return.

So, in order to put an end to your embarrassment (I mean, who pees their pants after kindergarten (minus that time in 3rd grade when you were so excited to share your stamp collection during show and tell)), I’m back, and I’m getting all up in this wordpress’s bness for the remainder of the summer.

To make this feat more feasible, I’ve decided to theme my blog entries as follows:

Monday: Photosplash of weekend events

Tuesday: Book/Movie Review

Wednesday: Caton’s Clumsy Confessions

Thursday: A story from my teaching tribulations (I think I have an unhealthy obsession with alliteration)

Friday: Recipe/Summer Cocktail/Restaurant Review

Hopefully these posts will keep you entertained and me more dedicated 🙂

Staying faithful to my schedule, today is photo day. Below are the pictures of what I’ve been doing the past few weeks. Included are pictures of my classroom, prom, graduation and a little summer boating. Enjoy!

We make teaching look good.

This is when my roommate's boyfriend took us boating. Stacey's job was to not let the boat drift down the river. She did an excellent job.

Graduation at Pearl-Cohn! I'm so proud of my graduating seniors! Here are just a few:

I had to take my classroom down for the summer...

So I thought I would snap some shots..

I love the amazing race so much, that I decided to theme our state test (EOCT) review after it!


That’s it for now folks!