Mother and Father come for a visit…

by Caton McKenna

I’m really tired.

But, I made a commitment, and like all other commitments I make, I’ll probably break it.

And by probably, I mean I will. Tomorrow and Friday I will not be blogging because I will be at BONNAROO!!!!

But today, right now, this instant, I will blog about my mom and dad coming to Nash-vegas for a visit. This is real time people (but not really).

Mom really wanted to see my students, and she did. She hugged every single one of them whether they wanted it or not. Dad spent his time taking down my classroom and judging which of my student work I should keep as an example, and which were not worthy of the storage space.

One student said my mom was hot, which meant that I would be hot when I was older. Good sign.

My hard workers (mom and dad) deserved a break, so we went to this really fancy Nashville hotel restaurant for lunch. The Hermitage Hotel: Capital Grille. The hostess was obnoxiously attentive and really into dining etiquette.

When my mom and I headed for the restrooms we had a hard time locating the women’s bathroom. We stood in front of the men’s bathroom gawking at it like if we looked hard enough it would magically become the women’s restroom.

The crazy hostess startled us out of our trance:

Would you like a tour of the gentlemen’s restroom?

Ahahahaha. No thanks. I do like that you have a sense of humor though. We must have looked like idiots just standing there. Just tell us where the women’s bathroom is.

No seriously, please take a tour.

No thanks.

We make our way to the powder room (it was around the corner out of eyesight) to avoid the hostess’s plea. When we come back she is waiting.

Let me show you now.

Wow lady. Give it a rest. I don’t really want to see some urinals. Fine. We’ll go.

THE MAN’S BATHROOM WAS AWESOME!I MIGHT LIVE THERE. It has a phone and shoe shine station, which are really the essential necessities in life.

Here’s  a picture:

Way better than the women's restroom. What the heck.