by Caton McKenna

Yesterday Mike was explaining to me why he’s so happy it’s Monday again.

Me: You know basically everyone else in the country despises Mondays, right?

Him: I know, but for me it’s a return to normalcy. The mail comes, the snow plows plow, the traffic is predictable, the newspaper arrives. Everything is right with the world.

Me: I feel like I’m dating an old man.

Later in the morning…

Him: Hey, will you put the return address and stamps on all of these envelopes while I take a shower?

*I look dubiously at a pile of mail*

Me: You do know there is technology developed and readily available where you can pay your bills online, right?

Him: I know, but I like the idea of the post office. I also feel like my mailman would take it personally if I didn’t use him anymore.

Me: OK, but it is a holiday, so these won’t get sent until Tuesday.

Him: Drat! I hate Sundays and holidays.