Making Distance Doable

by Caton McKenna

*Disclaimer: This might be too romantic for some. Please don’t read, it will probably make you want to poke your eyes out with a fork. Believe me, this would have made me gag even a few months ago. But you know, love…or something…claims even the most cynical sometimes.*

I live in Boston, MA.

Mike lives in Madison, NY.

Although not an impossible distance…the five hour drive is pretty formidable for a relatively new relationship (officially 5 months Saturday!) This week I’ve spent my February break with my favorite person, (thank goodness I’m a teacher), but on Sunday we’ll be back to trying to swing it long distance style.

Here are some things we do to keep us feeling “close.”

1. Distance Dates

This usually takes place on Tuesday nights while my roommate is at soccer. We will rent one of the new releases at redbox and watch it simultaneously. We alternate who gets to choose the film each week. Mike likes to really make an evening out of it and will often order out and get ice cream and a couple Saranacs as well. I will usually take this opportunity to fill my insatiable appetite for sushi and wine. During the movie we’ll text our reactions to certain scenes and afterwards discuss our thoughts and takeaways.

So far we’ve watched the following movies (with our ratings):

1. To the Wonder- 4/10

2. The Spectacular Now- 8.5/10

3. Man of Steel- 2/10

4. Despicable Me 2- 5/10

5. Captain Phillips- 9/10

6. The Notebook- 10/10 (Don’t judge me. This movie is my favorite. I might be biased)

7. Don Jon- 7/10

8. The Hunger Games- 8/10

2. Book Club

We both love to read, so we’ve merged our passions by choosing a book to read at the same time and discussing it at predetermined stop pages along the way. So far we’ve only read two books together, Mike is choosing the next one. Any suggestions would be welcome.

1. Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown.

2. Garden of Eden, by Ernest Hemmingway

3. Pinterest

We love pinterest. Mike would probably be embarrassed that I’m even mentioning that he has a pinterest account, but whatever. On pinterest we post anything that would make the other person smile. We have a variety of boards that we pin to:

1. Lovescapades– any places/ideas for our travels. These range from local breweries, art museums, zoos around Madison, NY to tourist attractions/restaurants/etc. for our upcoming trip to Austin, TX.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Right boards- Any saying, quote, or picture that reminds us of the other person and our love goes here.

3. Future House- This is where we post pictures of how we imagine our dream house to look. I’m not sure if these will ever come to fruition, but it’s really fun to think about…and the pictures are really pretty.

4. Love and Making– I’ll leave this up to your imagination, but it’s mostly relationship tips and dating ideas.

Mike just called him to help at the barn, since we’re going to try to see Philomena tonight in Oneida. Oh, life.